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Performative Film

Perpetual Peace

Video installation that explores how the Philippines is shaped by the terms of global capital including special economic zones, multinational mining ventures, and resource extraction.

One-Channel Video Installation

Basing Landscapes

Basing Landscapes sets interviews done with women who worked as prostitutes around the former US military base and environmental activists fighting the contamination that the bases left with landscapes that are either the ruins of the bases or scenes of sedimentation and geological time.

One-Channel Video Installation


Sabong documents the gendered space of a cockfight in Cotabato City, Mindanao. It intensifies the scene by collapsing the fight into an extended duration of betting, fighting, and finally ends with the loser cock being cooked and the winner being sewn by the only woman present in the work.



Woven from textile salvaged at a burnt marketplace in Cotabato City, this final section of Curtains, Part III, brought this actual material from the war-torn region as a setting for discussion regarding the contemporary political state of Mindanao.

One Channel Video Installation

Empire (ABS-CBN)

Two-Channel Video Installation


Extracts documents the production of gold in the Philippines. Shot in and around a smallscale mine in the southern island of Mindanao, the work tracks the production of gold from the extraction of ore until it is fired as a gold coin that will go to the Central Bank

Three-channel Video Installation

Civil Society

Civil Society explores the politics of language and visibility of events of civil unrest, specifically those that occurred in Los Angeles in 1992 and Paris in 2005.

Perpetual Peace Basing Landscapes Sabong Curtains Empire (ABS-CBN) Extracts Civil Society