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Perpetual Peace

"One day, when appearance is not equated with the visible, when relief is not an industry, and when one story gives way to many, sound and image will bear witness."

--from the script of Perpetual Peace



Basing Landscapes

"When you are in the situation of prostitution, it is hard to say 'I was raped'. They'll say, you went with him, why are you saying you have been raped? So that's what's happening. Most stay quiet."

--interview with Buklod, a drop in center for women in prostitution established in 1987, outside the former U.S. Subic Naval Base.




"The arena is chaotic. Men in the bleachers are on their feet, yelling at the cocks and gesticulating wildly at their bookies. You rarely see a woman in the stands – traditionally, women have stayed away from the hobby that divides their husband’s attention and the family’s finances."

--Christina Tantenco for GMA News, from "Sabungera: Tales of Women in the Cockpit"




"Outside this intersection of stares is another crossfire, another instance of the graphic, seized at the moment of a fire that razed a barter zone, a burning of expenditure, nearly co-incident with the slaughter of around sixty people, buried alive, mutilated, so that a certain power could fester in the Islamic south."

--from "Graphic" by Patrick D. Flores, an essay published in conjunction with the exhibition of Curtains at the Vargas Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman.



Empire (ABS-CBN)

"A beacon of light, the tower of a media conglomerate, looms over this unfinished city. I watch it from my window and wait. How is it possible to picture that which is not supposed to be seen? There is a war in the south. There is a U.S. remilitarization of the region. There are lives in the hands of the IMF and World Bank. I wait for the darkness, when the spectacle of this image might make way for the silence that presses its frame. When the explosions become, not fireworks, but a political history of imperialism and a political economy of permanent crisis."

-- wall text that accompanies the exhibition of Empire




"In this work, the production process is presented in the time of the future anterior, almost as if between the screens lies some missed temporal dimension, a time outside of capital that lies within capitalist production. It is a replay with difference, a temporality that is missed and whose missing is only palpable in the play of difference between the two screens."

--Michelle Dizon in conversation with Biddy Tran, from catalog of "The Road to Hell is Paved"



Civil Society

"To me this is what I heard and what I saw in the riots. I heard voices and sounds that were not to be heard,
especially because they were uttered by individuals that are not supposed to master language and to master the proper way to use language and what I saw is an attempt to escape from a body that has become a prison."

-from interview with Nacira Guénif-Souilamas in Civil Society

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